Men's squash wins at Stanford; women fall to No. 6 Cardinal


PALO ALTO, Calif. -- The Bates men's and women's squash teams wrapped up an enjoyable and productive "Squash Training and Service Trip" to Northern California with a match against the host Cardinal at Stanford University on Thursday. The No. 12 Bates men coasted past No. Stanford 9-0, while the No. 12 Bates women faced tougher competition, falling 8-1 to the No. 6-ranked hosts.

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Bates first-year Rakey Drammeh (New York, N.Y.) came through with a thrilling 3-2 win in her match to earn the Bates women's team's lone point. The women dropped to 5-4, while the men increased their mark to 6-3.

Bates returns to New England to play at NESCAC rival Williams on Sunday. Both teams face the host Ephs at 12 p.m.

Bates Men 9, Stanford 0

1. Baldock,Christopher A (S) def. by Echeverria,Nicholas P. (B) 8-11,11-9,11-4,12-14,11-1

2. Strand,Tyler M. (S) def. by Burns,Robert P. (B) 11-2,11-4,11-7

3. Wieland,Mark D. (S) def. by Keating,R. J.  (B) 11-9,11-9,11-2

4. Hazy,Trent  (S) def. by Muldoon,Kristian  (B) 11-4,11-3,11-5

5. Rowley,Derek S (S) def. by Compton,Doug  (B) 11-4,11-8,11-8

6. Bowers,Theodore R. (S) def. by Williams,Patrick  (B) 11-8,12-10,11-7

7. Yea,Chang Whan  (S) def. by Baker-White,Matthew G (B) 11-5,11-8,11-9

8. Han,John  (S) def. by Marchisotto,Matthew L. (B) 11-0,11-2,11-4

9. Lee,Paul S (S) def. by Cabot III,Walter M. (B) 11-1,11-2,11-3

(10.) Park,Keebuhm  (S) def. by Born,David  (B) 11-5,11-6,11-2

Stanford Women 8, Bates 1

1. Chua,Pamela (S) def. Parris,Cheri-Ann (B) 11-1,11-7,11-9

2. Sample,Kerrie L (S) def. Neal,Maura V (B) 11-4,11-5,11-3

3. Haig,Cecilia  (S) def. Brooks,Ashley M (B) 11-6,11-6,11-3

4. Sherwood,Kyla D (S) def. Cabot,Stephanie  (B) 11-2,11-2,11-4

5. Maliwal,Aditi  (S) def. Bragg,Alison H (B) 11-3,11-7,11-6

6. Buechner,Samantha C (S) def. Matos,Samantha (B) 12-10,11-6,11-2

7. Stork,Leah B (S) def. by Drammeh,Rakey  (B) 6-11,3-11,11-6,11-8,11-9

8. Koenig,Julie L (S) def. Hogeland,Anna  (B) 11-1,11-5,14-12

9. Harrington,Shannon M. (S) def. Dorison,Liza C. (B) 11-5,11-5,11-5

(10.) Hemmendinger,Julia  (S) def. Mayer,Jane W. (B) 11-5,11-4,11-2