Medical Forms

All Student-Athletes participating in a Varsity Sport must be cleared within 6 months of their participation at Bates College. Clearance is done yearly with a Pre-Participation Exam, and submission of the following forms HIPAA, Concussion/Injury Agreement Form, Assumption of Risk Form, Emergency Information Form. In addition, Sickle Cell Trait form and the ADD/ADHD information and form, if you are medicated. Please refer to the links listed below on this page.

Please click on the link below for information regarding Bates College Sports Medicine Pre Participation Exam (PPE).

PPE Letter, Fall Sport Athletes

PPE Letter, Winter and Spring Athletes

Please click on the link below to access the Pre Participation Exam (PPE) Form. This form must be completed prior to your appointment at Bates College for your PPE.

PPE Form

The following forms are MANDATORY for all Varsity Student-Athletes to complete prior to medical clearance for varsity sport participation at Bates College.

The following 2 forms need to be submitted by the student-athlete for clearance to participate in sports at Bates College. These forms need to be completed by your physician.

Sickle Cell Form
(First Year and Transfer Students ONLY)
ADD/ADHD Form (Only applicable if diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and currently medicated)

If you submitted this form last year but are no longer prescribed medication for ADD/ADHD, a note from your prescribing physician needs to be faxed or mailed to the Bates Sports Medicine Department stating you are no longer taking the banned substance. Failure to facilitate this note will result in NO medical clearance for participation in your sport(s). This form needs to be submitted yearly.

The following 4 forms need to be submitted by the student-athlete for clearance to participate in sports at Bates College Yearly. These forms do not need physician review.

Emergency Information Form
Concussion and Injury Agreement Form
Assumption of Risk