Staff Directory


Athletics Department Fax: 207-786-8232

Mailing Address: 130 Central Ave., Lewiston ME 04240

All numbers are in the 207 area code


Title Name Office Phone Email Address
Director of Athletics Jason Fein 62 Alumni 786-6341 [email protected]
Senior Associate Director of Athletics /
Senior Woman Administrator
Celine Cunningham 72 Alumni   [email protected]
Assistant Athletic Director Tommy Verdell 14 Alumni 786-6357 [email protected]
Assistant A.D. for Athletic Performance Nick Cooke 7A Merrill 786-6359 [email protected]
Assistant A.D. for Facilities and Club Sports Scott Lehmann 79 Merrill 786-6238 [email protected]
Athletic Trainer Nancy Fournier 26 Alumni 786-8258 [email protected]
Athletic Trainer Stephanie Townsend 26 Alumni 786-6470 [email protected]
Athletic Trainer Ben Walker 26 Alumni 786-8257 [email protected]
Business Manager Tracy Fabrizio 71 Alumni 786-6368 [email protected]
Equipment Manager Nicole Clark 14 Merrill
38 Alumni
[email protected]
Equipment Manager David Haefele 38 Alumni
14 Merrill
[email protected]
Administrative Assistant Carol Carpentier 63 Alumni 786-6341 [email protected]


Sport Name Office Phone Email Address
Alpine Skiing (MW) Micaela Holland 4 Alumni 786-6346 [email protected]
Baseball Jon Martin 203 Underhill 786-6063 [email protected]
Basketball (M) Jon Furbush 58 Alumni 786-6343 [email protected]
Basketball (W) Alison Montgomery 10 Alumni 786-6362 [email protected]
Cross Country (M)/
Track & Field (M)
Al Fereshetian 82 Merrill 786-6360 [email protected]
Cross Country (W)/
Track & Field (W)
Jennifer "Jay" Hartshorn 81 Merrill 786-6356 [email protected]
Field Hockey Danielle Ryder 16 Alumni 786-6350 [email protected]
Football Malik Hall 102A Underhill 786-6344 [email protected] 
Football (Asst.) Skip Capone 86 Merrill 786-6364 [email protected]
Football (Asst.) Tino Lopes 86 Merrill 786-8395 [email protected]
Football (Asst.) Tyler Cottle 86 Merrill 786-8262 [email protected]
Golf (MW) James Upham 52 Alumni 786-6441 [email protected]
Lacrosse (M) Peter Lasagna 80 Merrill 786-8263 [email protected]
Lacrosse (W) Brett Allen 14 Alumni 786-8389 [email protected]
Nordic Skiing (MW) Becky Woods 52 Alumni 786-6339 [email protected]
Rowing (MW) Peter Steenstra 55 Alumni 786-6363 [email protected]
Rowing Assistant (W)/Women's Recruiting Haley Eovine 55 Alumni 786-6352 [email protected]
Rowing Assistant (M)/Men's Recruiting Elizabeth Kinney 55 Alumni 786-6363 [email protected]
Soccer (M) Josh Thornton (Asst. Coach)   786-6348 [email protected]
Soccer (W) Kelsy Ross 56 Alumni 786-8398 [email protected]
Softball McKell Barnes 12 Alumni 755-5950 [email protected]
Squash (MW) Pat Cosquer Bates Squash Center 577-9175 [email protected]
Swimming (MW) Peter Casares 49 Merrill 786-8264 [email protected]
Tennis (MW) Paul Gastonguay 83 Merrill 786-6442 [email protected]
Volleyball (W) Melissa DeRan 11 Alumni 755-5954 [email protected]


Sports Information Director:
Andy Walter
Bates Communications Office
141 Nichols Street, Lewiston ME 04240
[email protected]
Phone: 786-6411

Assistant Sports Information Director:
Aaron Morse
Bates Communications Office
141 Nichols Street, Lewiston ME 04240
[email protected]
Phone: 755-5968