Locations for Local Medical Specialties

Locations for Physical Therapy Services

If you are in need of Physical Therapy services in the Lewiston/Auburn community, the following businesses may provide you with this service. Be sure to ask if your personal health insurance will cover the cost of appointments prior to scheduling.

Proactive Physical Therapy
1190 Lisbon St. Lewiston, ME 04240
Phone #: 207-376-3000

Select Physical Therapy
690 Minot Ave. Auburn, ME 04210
Phone #: 207-783-3450

St. Mary’s Physical Therapy
15 Gracelawn Road Auburn, ME 04210
Phone #: 207-753-4574

Primary Care Services

When Bates Health Services is not open (During Academic Breaks and Summer Vacation) student-athletes needing primary care services for illness or other health care concerns may utilize the following facilities. Payment for these services will be the responsibility of the student-athlete’s primary health insurance only.

First Care Center at Central Maine Medical Center
300 Main St. Lewiston ME 795-2160

Concentra-Urgent Care
59 East Ave. Lewiston, ME 784-1680

St. Mary’s Emergency Room
Campus Ave. Lewiston ME 777-8120

Central Maine Medical Center Emergency Room
300 Main St. Lewiston ME 795-2200

Call 911 for Emergencies

MRI/X-Ray Locations

MRI and X-Ray requests need to be facilitated by a Physician. The prescribing Physician is responsible for reading the results and for the follow-up care of the Student-Athlete. Student-Athletes in need of these services can schedule an appt. with the below facilities. Prior to X-Ray/MRI scheduling approval must be granted from your Health Insurance.

St. Mary's Hospital Website
93 Campus Ave. Lewiston, ME
MRI Contact Number: 207-755-3700
X-Ray Contact Number: 207-777-8482