Club Sport Athletes

All Rugby and Ice Hockey participants must be cleared as directed below. Both must have a Pre-Participation Exam and submit the following forms. Rugby must submit Sickle Cell Trait( only the first year), Assumption of Risk, HIPAA, Emergency Information Form, Concussion/Injury Agreement Form. Ice Hockey only needs to submit the Assumption of Risk Form. This process is must be done yearly.  

Rugby must be ImPACT tested for baseline prior to participation. This only needs to be done once unless you sustain a concussion. Ice Hockey, it is strongly suggested that you have a ImPACT baseline prior to your participation. Both must contact the Athletic Trainer responsible for your sport to schedule testing. Athletic Training Staff: 

All other Club Sports will need to sign a Assumption of Risk form and validate their health status. This will be facilitated by the Director of Club Sports.

Pre-Participation Exam (PPE) information will be forthcoming over the summer of 2018. This information is for Rugby and Ice Hockey Club Athletes only.

Please click on the link below to access the Pre Participation Exam (PPE) Form. This form must be completed prior to your appointment at Bates College for your PPE. This is only necessary for Rugby and Ice Hockey athletes. 

PPE Form

Students interested in participating in the Rugby and Ice Hockey club sport teams are required to submit paperwork on a yearly basis. 

Forms to be completed by Men's and Women's Ice Hockey are the following:
Assumption of Risk

Additional forms to be completed by Men's and Women's Rugby are the following:
Assumption of Risk
Concussion and Injury Agreement Form
Emergency Information Form
Sickle Cell Form

All other Club Sports need to complete the below Assumption of Risk form and return to Sue Harriman, Director of Club Sports. 

Assumption of Risk Form

Men’s and Women’s Rugby: The season begins the 2nd day of classes. No competitions or scrimmages until after each athlete has a 5 day acclimation period. No contests/scrimmages shall take place until after the second week of classes of the Fall Semester. There will be no additions to the roster after the first contest has been played.

Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey: Season begins November 1st.

NO participation with teams are allowed until the pre participation exam and all additional forms have been received and reviewed by the medical staff.

Due to new NESCAC Medical Aspects in Sports Committee (MASC) requirements, starting in the Fall of 2016, Men's and Women's Rugby athletes will need to be Baseline ImPACT tested as part of their clearance for participation in sport.

Ice Hockey Clubs are afforded the opportunity to participate in concussive baseline testing using ImPACT as well, however this is not a requirement for participation. Participants in Ice Hockey are strongly encouraged to take the ImPACT test by the Bates Athletics Department. ImPACT baseline testing will be utilized as one of the components of return to play following diagnosis of concussion. Ice Hockey Club athletes that are interested in taking the ImPACT Baseline Test need to contact the assigned Athletic Trainer for that sport to schedule an appointment.

Students participating in the following club sports (equestrian, fencing, sailing, ultimate frisbee, water polo) must sign the Annual Health Update at the pre-season meeting held with the Club Sport Director.

Any Club Sport athlete needing to contact an athletic trainer for concerns with respect to club sport participation should contact the appropriate athletic trainer. All Club Sport athletes must contact their sport assigned athletic trainer for follow up of injuries, including concussions. 

Ben Walker, Women’s Rugby
Nancy Fournier, Men’s Rugby and all other Club Sports