Visiting Team Information

The Athletic Training Clinic will be open 1.5 hours prior to any competition and close 1/2 hour after the conclusion of the competition. If a team travels without an athletic trainer, then Bates College Sports Medicine will provide medical coverage for both teams during the competition.

If a team is not traveling with a Certified Athletic Trainer, an email or phone call to inform Bates Sports Medicine of the needs for their team(s) should be executed prior to your teams arrival at Bates. Services such as taping, wrapping, moist heat, and ice will be available. With respect to ultrasound and e-stim, limitations to these services will be based on the availability of the Bates ATC providing those services/treatments in conjunction with preparing teams for contest.

Request for ultrasound and e-stim must be accompanied by a note, email, or phone conversation clearly designating the parameters for the respective treatment by the Certified Athletic Trainer from their institution.

Water, ice, cups and/or bottles will be provided for the contest.