Women's rowing team dominates the New England Rowing Championships

The Bates women's varsity eight donned gold medals after winning the WV8 grand final at the New England Rowing Championships on May 2, 2015.  (Photo by Mason D. Cox '07)

WORCESTER, Mass. -- The No. 3 nationally ranked Bates women's rowing team won three grand finals in a dominating performance Saturday afternoon at the New England Rowing Championships Saturday afternoon.

Bates' top three eights all won their grand finals, a first in the history of the women's rowing program, as the Bobcats registered their best performance ever at the New England Championships. Including Bates' novice eight, the four Bobcat boats were an aggregate 33-3 for the afternoon.

The WV8 won the grand final in a time of 6:57.656 edging out rival Williams who finished in 6:57.791. This was the Bobcats first meeting of the season with Williams, who is ranked second in the nation, and the second meeting with No. 1 ranked Trinity. The Bobcats beat out Williams, Wellesley, Trinity, Tufts and Middlebury in the grand final.

The W2V8 finished the grand final in 7:07.955, almost seven seconds ahead of second place Wellesley, who finished in 7:16.010. The W3V8 dominated in the grand final, finishing nine seconds ahead of second place Williams.

The WN8 advanced to the grand final, finishing second only to Williams in the first heat. The Bobcats went on to take third in the grand final, finishing in a time of 7:39.086, defeating Smith, Middlebury, and UVM.

Bates Lineups

Women's Varsity Eight - Cox: Katherine Traquina, stroke: Rebecca O'Neill, 7 Mallory Ward, 6 Jenna Armstrong, 5 Emma Taylor, 4 Elise Emil, 3 Emilie Muller, 2 Eliza Barkan, bow: Alison Simmons.

Women's Second Varsity Eight - Cox: Abigail Bierman, stroke: Molly Pritz, 7 Julia Mason, 6 Michelle Kelley, 5 Emma Conover, 4 Olivia Stockly, 3 Rosemary Kyne, 2 Elizabeth Scholle, bow: Laura Rand.

Women's Third Varsity Eight - Cox: Emma-Kate Lindsay, stroke: Sophia Gottlieb, 7 Caroline Caldwell, 6 Kiera Degener-O'Brien, 5 Margaux Joselow, 4 Hannah Weiss, 3 Grace Jurkovich, 2 Sarah Brooks, bow: Lydia Merizon.

Women's Novice Eight: Cox: Hanna De Bruyn, stroke: Amelia Wilhelm, 7 Sadie Mae Palmatier, 6 Sophia Merelas, 5 Michaela Heffernan, 4 Isabella Miller, 3 Emily Disler, 2 Marianna Paone, bow: India Lissak.