Rowing teams go undefeated in head-to-races with Tufts, Wesleyan, Wellesley

The Bates men's rowing team went 5-0 in five head-to-head races with Tufts and Wesleyan on April 14, 2018 on the Malden River. (File photo by Connor Cahill for Bates College)

MALDEN, Mass. -- The No. 1 nationally ranked Bates women's rowing team's first varsity eight outrowed No. 2 Wesleyan University in a head-to-head championship race, highlighting an undefeated Saturday regatta for the Bobcat rowing teams on the Malden River against Wesleyan, Wellesley and host Tufts.

The Bates rowing teams' scheduled regatta in Worcester on Sunday against WPI, RIT, Wellesley and Trinity have been cancelled due to forecasted inclement weather.

The teams are next scheduled to race Saturday, April 21 on the Charles River basin, with the men racing MIT and the women taking on Boston College, Rhode Island and Dartmouth.

Bates will host the Presidents Cup Regatta the following day, Sunday April 22, against Colby and Bowdoin out of the Bates Boathouse in Greene.

Women's Recap

Bates' WV8 squared off against No. 6 nationally ranked Wellesley in its first head-to-head race of the morning, winning by 6.5 seconds, 6:53.96 to 7:00.46. That advanced the Bates boat to a WV8 final against the other semifinal winner, No. 2 Wesleyan. In a possible preview of championship regattas ahead, the Bobcats outraced the Cardinals 6:54.28 to 7:03.63.

In the women's second varsity eight (W2V8) semifinals, the Bates side edged Wellesley 6:59.19 to 7:01.06 to advance to the the W2V8 final. In the final, Bates defeated Wesleyan by a margin of over 18 seconds, 7:14.28 to 7:32.83.

The Bates W3V8 defeated Wellesley in its semifinal, 7:08.90 to 7:22.39, moving on to the final, where the Bates boat crossed the finish line over eight seconds ahead of Wesleyan, 7:24.89 to 7:33.02.

In its one race on the day, Bates women's varsity four defeated Wellesley 7:38.66 to 7:46.56.

Bates WV8 lineup: Bow: Emma Wheeler; 2: Catharine Berry-Toon; 3: Grace Murnaghan 4: Rosemary Kyne; 5: Olivia Stockly; 6: Hannah Fitts; 7: Lena Rintell; Stroke: Laura Rand; c: Hanna De Bruyn

Bates W2V8 lineup: Bow: Grace Jurkovich; 2: Claudia Glickman; 3: Grace Smith; 4: Amelia Wilhelm; 5: Hannah Beams; 6: Sally Porter; 7: Phoebe Long; Stroke: Grace Bake; c: Elizabeth Folsom

Bates W3V8 lineup: Bow: Saylor Strugar; 2: Marianna Paone; 3: Sophia Merelas; 4: Elizabeth Johnson; 5: Michaela Heffernan; 6: Elizabeth Fischer; 7: India Lissak; Stroke: Martha Bishop; c: Elise Grossfeld

Bates W4V8 lineup: Bow: Eva Melendes; 2: Elizabeth Fairman; 3: Emma York; 4: Sarah Fink; 5: Olympia Fisher; 6: Hannah Smith; 7: Grace Purinton; Stroke: Isabella Miller; c: Maya Seshan

Men's Recap

The Bates men's first varsity eight (MV8) outraced both host Tufts (6:10.62 to 6:28.14) and later Wesleyan (6:11.54 to 6:23.54), leading an undefeated day for the Bobcats.

Bates' second varsity eight (M2V8) defeated Wesleyan 6:11.54 to 6:23.54. Earlier, the Bobcat M2V8 crossed the finish line 13.29 seconds ahead of Tufts, with no overall time recorded in the race.

Bates' men's varsity four outpaced Tufts 7:23.56 to 8:01.74.

Bates MV8 lineup: Bow: Joshua Bilchik; 2: Mats Terwiesch; 3: Daniel Sparks; 4: Quinn Gardner; 5: Roderick Pratt; 6: Eric Jordan; 7: Maxwell Milavetz; stroke: Kyle Schlueter; c: Ariel Lee

Bates M2V8 lineup: Bow: Constantine Gregoire; 2: Trevor Fry; 3: Kevin Downing; 4: William Crate; 5: William Langhoff; 6: Christopher Novak; 7: Julian Stolper; Stroke: Kento Kajima; c: Holland Doyle

Bates MV4 lineup: Bow: Hugh Gorman; 2: Will Dyer Kloman; 3: Jackson Cote; Stroke: Christopher Koziel; c: Aidan Temperino