No. 2 women's rowing eights sweep grand finals, Bates men and women combine to win New England Rowing Championship points title

The women's first varsity eight took home first place in its grand final at the 2019 New England Rowing Championships. (File photo by Phyllis Graber Jensen/Bates College)

WORCESTER, Mass. -- The Bates women's and men's rowing teams combined to score 162.75 points to take home the 2019 New England Rowing Championship points title Saturday morning on Lake Quinsigamond.

The No. 2 nationally ranked Bates women tallied 93 points, 12.75 points ahead of runner-up No. 4 Wellesley. Top-ranked WPI finished in fourth place with 70.71 points. Meanwhile, the Bates men accumulated 69.75 points, finishing third behind Williams and Boston College. 

In the women's first varsity eight grand final, the Bobcats dominated the field, racing to the finish in 6:47.548, well ahead of runner-up WPI (6:54.918). This flipped the script from the two teams' race in April, which saw the Engineers win by 0.34 seconds. 

The women's second varsity eight grand final saw the Bobcats win with a time of 7:05.400, nearly 10 seconds ahead of second-place Williams (7:14.456). And in the third varsity eight grand final, the Bobcats won a thriller over the runner-up Ephs with a time of 7:15.601, just ahead of Williams' time of 7:15.996. 

In the men's races, the Bobcats placed second in first varsity eight grand final to Wesleyan in an incredibly tight race. The Cardinals finished in 6:08.275 and the Bobcats came in less than a second behind with a time of 6:08.690. 

The Bates men's second varsity eight emerged victorious in its grand final with a time of 6:18.510, more than two seconds ahead of runner-up Boston College. 

Other crews racing Saturday included the women's varsity four, which placed third in its grand final and the men's third varsity eight, which placed fourth. 

Both the Bates women and men return to Worcester for the National Invitational Rowing Championships on Sunday, May 12. 

Bates WV8 lineup: Bow: Grace Bake; 2: Emma Wheeler; 3: Grace Smith; 4: Catharine Berry-Toon; 5: Hannah Beams; 6: Sally Harris Porter; 7: Hannah Fitts;  Stroke: Lena Rintell; c: Elizabeth Folsom

Bates W2V8 lineup: Bow: Saylor Strugar; 2: Claudia Glickman; 3: Emma York; 4: Sophie Claus; 5: Lillian Kinder; 6: Elizabeth Fischer; 7: Phoebe Long; Stroke: Grace Murnaghan; c: Maya Seshan 

Bates W3V8 lineup: Bow: Sydney Paul; 2: Elizabeth Fairman; 3: Kathryn Richards; 4: Elizabeth Johnson; 5: Carla Guichard; 6: Sophia Marota; 7: Elektra Smicka; Stroke: Martha Bishop; c: Elise Grossfeld 

Bates WV4 lineup: Bow: Olympia Fisher; 2: Emma Vieten; 3: Grace Purinton; 4: Adrianne Crawford ; c: Kathryn Brown

Bates MV8 lineup: Bow: Kento Kajima; 2: Maxwell Milavetz; 3: Steven Sparks; 4: Maxwell Cavallaro; 5: Kevin Downing; 6: William Crate; 7: Julian Stolper; Stroke: Eric Jordan; c: Ariel Lee

Bates M2V8 lineup: Bow: Robert Sobolewski; 2: Jasper Tucker; 3: Jackson Cote; 4: Espen Wheeler; 5: William Langhoff; 6: Trevor Fry; 7: Christopher Novak; Stroke: Constantine Gregoire; c: Holland Doyle

Bates M3V8 lineup: Bow: Joseph Inger; 2: Hugh Gorman; 3: Jaimin Keliihoomalu; 4: Thomas Monahan; 5: Duncan MacGregor; 6: Jack Fruechte; 7: Nadav Shenkar; Stroke: Xavier Fallone; c: Aidan Temperino