Women's soccer lends a helping hand at home and abroad

Photo credit: Aimee Bessire, Founder and Director, Africa Schoolhouse. Lecturer, American Cultural Studies, Bates College. www.africaschoolhouse.org

The Bates women's soccer team was involved in handful of different community engagement programs throughout the spring.

On May 1st, the Bobcats baked cookies for the Lewiston public school system's Teacher Appreciation Day. 

The Bobcats also helped out with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) sponsored Field Day. The annual event had many local children arriving to campus for a day's worth of participation in various sports. The men's and women's soccer teams paired up to scrimmage and play other soccer-related activities with dozens of community youths.

"Most of our student-athletes arrive at Bates having had extensive experience with community engagement. The fact that we are able to continue that passion as a team is a bonus," said head coach Kelsy Ross. "Bates women's soccer spends quality time together, and we assist with important projects in our Lewiston community."

The program also donated soccer shorts to Africa Schoolhouse, a non-profit organization that serves northern Tanzania in developing better educational and job opportunities. Jerseys from the men's soccer and volleyball programs were given as well. It was the first time the Tanzanian schools and programs for boys and girls have ever received official jerseys.