Women's tennis fares well on first day of Wallach Doubles Invitational

Suzanne Elfman won two matches with two different partners on Sept. 16, 2017 at the Wallach Women's Doubles Invitational. (Phyllis Graber Jensen/Bates College)

LEWISTON, Maine -- The Bates women's tennis team hosted the first day of the inaugural Wallach Women's Doubles Invitational Saturday at the Wallach Tennis Center, with Babson, Brandeis, Colby and Trinity participating.

With coaches trying out different combinations and many new faces on the courts, Bates went 3-4 on the day.

Sophomore Suzanne Elfman (Longmeadow, Mass.), who was out of action last year with injury, teamed up with first-year Kruti Navin (Basking Ridge, N.J.) to defeat Isha Banerjee and Emily Dyckman of Colby by an 8-3 score.

Elfman later teamed up with another first-year player, Haley Washington (Birmingham Hills, Mich.), to defeat Keren Khromchenko and Isabel Cepeda of Brandeis 8-6.

Senior Maisie Silverman (Brunswick, Maine) and sophomore Lauren Hernandez (Chester, N.J.) defeated Ania Aliev and Jillian Winer of Trinity 8-6, and Silverman teamed up with first-year Hannah Sweeney (Franklin, Mass.) to fall 8-6 to Vanja Babunski and Julia Brogan of Trinity.

The round robin-style tournament continues Sunday at 9am.

Saturday Scores:

Suzanne Elfman/Kruti Navin (Bates) def. Isha Banerjee/Emily Dyckman (Colby) 8-3

Maisie Silverman/Hannah Sweeney (Bates) def. Vanja Babunski/Julia Brogan (Trinity) 8-6

Krista Jiranek/Jillian Winer (Trinity) def. Maddie Lupone/Callie Nesbitt (Colby) 8-5

Morgan Wilkins/Sydney Schonefeld (Trinity) def. Molly Higgins/Hania Lenderking (Colby) 8-0

Yagmur Akgul/Alexa Tutecky (Babson) def. Vanja Babunski/Julia Brogan (Trinity) 8-4

Akgul/Tutecky (Babson) def. Lupone/Nesbitt (Colby) 8-1

Michele Lehat/Rachel Zubrinsky (Brandeis) def. Lenderking/Higgins (Colby) 8-3

Claire Foster/Kylie Kam (Babson) def. Ania Aliev/Lily Everett (Trinity) 8-4

Emily Roeper/Tatiana Ramirez (Babson) def. Wilkins/Schonefeld (Trinity) 8-6

Sabrina Ross Neergaard/Lauren Bertsch (Brandeis) def. Lupone/Nesbitt (Colby) 8-0

Eleni Gianelos/Carolina Merz (Babson) def. Jiranek/Winer (Trinity) 8-1

Suzanne Elfman/Haley Washington (Bates) def. Keren Khromchenko/Isabel Cepeda (Brandeis) 8-6

Haley Cohen/Diana Dehterevich (Brandeis) def. Lauren Hernandez/Isabelle Rovinski (Bates) 9-8 (7-3)

Akgul/Tutecky (Babson) def. Silverman/Navin (Bates) 8-0

Kaden/Foster (Babson) def. Banerjee/Dyckman (Colby) 8-4

Khromchenko/Cepeda (Brandeis) def. Wilkins/Aliev (Trinity) 8-2

Kam/Merz (Babson) def. Sweeney/Elfman (Bates) 8-4

Babunski/Brogan (Trinity) def. Cohen/Dehterevich (Brandeis) 9-7

Bertch/Neergard (Brandeis) def. Jiranek/Winer (Trinity) 8-4

Zubrinsky/Lehat (Brandeis) def. Gianelos/Merz (Babson) 8-4

Silverman/Hernandez (Bates) def. Aliev/Winer (Trinity) 8-6

Wilkins/Schonefeld (Trinity) def. Lenderking/Higgins (Colby) 8-0

Krhomchenko/Cepeda (Brandeis) def. Foster/Kam (Babson) 9-8 (7-3)

Lehat/Zubrinski (Brandeis) def. Wilkins/Jiranek (Trinity) 8-5

Akgul/Tutecky (Babson) def. Cohen/Dehterevich (Brandeis) 8-6